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Saturday, May 07, 2005

The Wisdom of Elephants

My Client reads me an excerpt from a Travel Writer named Theroux’s book on Africa.
One sentence in the book reads, (and I am paraphrasing),
‘The children scramble about gleefully playing while the women double-bent over with children ties to their backs an bodies perform labor in the fields puling and plucking for strenuous hours as the men sit on the side getting high on the local beer, discussing…"
"What’s your take on this?" he asks.

"What’s yours?" I shoot back.

"I was just wondering if you knew a reason why this is so—why women allow it?"

"Interesting question. What is going on there is going on everywhere. Women make up most of the work force and work 80% more hours and jobs than men but make considerably less money for their labor—inmost positions all over the world. This is a fact. There are rare cases that come as an exception. For instance my job. But even in my job, I make more than most women but considerably less than most men. If I make say, $250,000 per year on my knees and on my back in active labor, although that’s quite a salary for a female, minus $50,000 a year for taxes and more for expenses, I am still making much less than most men."

"But that doesn’t answer the question. Why do women allow it?"

"Two reasons come to mind and of course I am not a Cultural Anthropologist, but here’s my limited take on the matter: Men are physically stronger than women are. In order for a woman to obtain a place of power and independence, she must have two things—one is, and forgive my language, but one is, ‘fuck-you’ money. That gives her the ability to choose rather than be ruled and toil as requested—no matter what form the ‘toiling’ comes in. And second, she must live in a Society that reveres and understands the power that women innately possess. We haven’t lived in those times since before Judeo-Christian times."

"When was that?"

"You know!"

"I don’t."

"Okay. Well, there was a time where women’s body and their innate intuitive abilities and sensual abilities were revered. If men honored the power of women, and worshiped God in the form of Goddesses, they benefited."


"For instance, Goddesses were mirrors of what the Universe performed. They cycle monthly. They produce children. They nurture all things and people. They have innate intuition. They have a spiritual wisdom. The Goddesses of these Pagan Religions were worshiped by men and women alike and both sexes benefited."


"Because. Because when women follow their nature, they seduce. Their femininity is powerful, mysterious and ultimately, delightfully drowning. Men desire this. Men love to spar with other men. But not with women. With women, they ache to be seduced. A woman’s power comes from her abilities to seduce, entice, nurture and direct. A man’s power comes from his strength. He has no monthly cycles—no weak periods during the month, no times of distress caused by natural hormonal cycles. Women want men to understand their innate power to love and seduce and nurture and want to be treated with respect and delicacy in regard to this nature they possess. They want men to understand and protect them for these qualities. And why not? A man possesses the need and ability and desire to protect. At one time, this was so—and dare I put forth—probably both sexes were quite content in the arrangement."

"Have you ever thought of being a Philosopher?"

"God no."

"Or a therapist?"

"My therapist suggested it when I was hankering for a career change but ultimately, I don’t want to change anyone. I like people as damaged as they are. I like them that way. I don’t want to change them. What fun would Life be then?"

"You should have been born ten thousand years ago."

"I think I was. I do. Do you know, that way back when, when the Pagan Religions ruled and Women were the Goddesses worshiped, it was a great honor for a woman to be a Holy Prostitute?"

"I hate the word ‘Prostitute."

"You hate it in today’s standards. But back then, it was not only an honorable position, but akin to having a child go into the Priesthood. Really. Parents who thought they had a daughter that was extraordinary, would take her to the Temple of Love and apply, like we do today with our kids to private nursery schools, and apply for entrance."

"Like the Junior League that oversee school admissions in New York?"

"Exactly. Very difficult to get in. Only a few girls a year are accepted. But once they are and are deemed talented enough, they are trained to become Holy Goddesses of Love. It was thought that Love and Sex was the Human Conduit to God and these girls cum Women where trained to take Souls to that place of Divine Ecstasy. It was a very honored position."

"And they were worshipped?"

"Not like Deity’s. But as Goddesses of a Sacred Art Form. Who wouldn’t want to be wholly taken over and transported out of their Human State into an ethereal communion with God?"

"Can we do that tonight?"

"Come into my lair, my love, and let’s see how close to God we can journey."

"It’s sad." he says.

"You’re sad? Did I make you sad?"

"It’s sad that women can’t seem to regain their place in—"

"It’s sad yes. But women banded together then. Like Elephants. You know how Elephants are, don’t you? You’ve been on Safari."

"I’ve been on Safari but I’m unclear on what you mean."

"Elephants stay together. The females roam in groups—all females and babies. When the males get to puberty and it becomes a world for them including mostly the desire of their Dicks, the Female group sends the Male Elephant out on his own to roam, only to invited back when he is in Dick dragging on the ground, Green Moss growing on his organs, howling, laying on the ground moaning passion. And even then, no matter his ache, no matter his pain, he will not rape. The women have banded together like an animal mass of Lysatrada and they tell him when and with whom.""


"Human Female women have not figured this out."

"Why not?"

"Are you that naive? We are ruled by a Patriarchy for Centuries. Our Mothers, our Grandmothers, no one has told us any different. I am independent. I will not marry. I enjoy being Independent even if I have to struggle because I refuse to give up my finances and my Independence to eventually be ruled by either a beneficent or fascist ruler. If I give up my financial power, I lose my freedom and essentially my ability to keep you a man, and hold on to the power that is my femininity which in the end, does give you your manhood—although most men would think otherwise."

"Elephants huh?"

"Women can learn from Elephants. I think they got the concept down."


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