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Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day Weekend--Grrrrrr!

Do me a favor as you read this Blog:
Try to read it without judgement.
Just take it in.
It is going to sound self-aggrandizing at first,
But trust me, that is not the purpose.

I love my job. I hope you can tell that by now. But bottom line, it is a job in which I earn my livelihood. It is a Business.
In my Business, just as in every Business in which one is an Independent Contractor,
Money is only earned when the Client and I are present at the Job.

Like the rest of the world, I have monthly bills that must be met and financial goals to reach in a Business with a limited life span,
Therefore, it is imperative that a certain salary is reached every week.
To accomplish this, I must schedule and work a definite amount of hours.
Sometimes, I am booked fully, so when new calls come in; I must turn them away as I have no extra time.
Thus, when a Client cancels at the last minute, I have lost not only the income from that session, but other possible replacements for that time.
Not to mention possible Clients forever, as since they cannot see me, they will most likely find someone else and perhaps never return to see me again.

Last minute cancellations cause great grief.

A call comes in from Winnipeg, Canada. (That is where Winnipeg is, right?)
Sounds very nice. Sounds older. Respectful.
Books a time with me for May 20th.

On May 20th I arrive at my apartment two hours in advance to prepare for him.
I have given him the same instructions I give to all my first time Clients:
Go to the corner and call me on my cell phone when you arrive.
From there I will give you my exact address.

At 2pm, his appointment time, I am sitting, bathed, perfumed, coifed, in a long velvet gown over sexy lingerie surrounded by a waft of incense, music and dozens of flickering candles.
By 2:08, I am concerned.
On a hunch, I call into my work line.
(I never call my work line once I am booked, as there is no reason to.)

Message received at 1:48pm (same day):

(and why not on my cell so I would have gotten the message?)

"Oh…uh..hi..Geisha. This is Leslie Tomas from Winnipeg. I can’t make our meeting today. My plans changed but…um..could you call me? I want to arrange something for the 29th..thank you."


But I do return his call.
I give him one more chance.
We arrange a meeting for the 29th of May.
He asks for my email address (something not included in my Website, as I prefer to hear voices.)

Between the 21st of May through the 27th of May, the following exchange takes place via email:

Hi Geisha,
Once again it was so nice to hear your voice. You certainly seem to be as beautiful on the inside and you are on the outside, which is very, very special and highly impressive.

I was quite disappointed that I had to postpone my trip to NY not only from a business perspective, but very much so from not being able to see you today. However, I take comfort from knowing I will be able to see you next weekend. There certainly is truth to the statement that anticipation is half the fun. I do enjoy my thoughts of you (good thoughts... perhaps a little bit naughty)

Anyway, yesterday I was thinking of you and all of your ambitions and goals in life that I read on your website... this led me to put thoughts of you into words... it became very obvious to me that you are the type of person who leaves a mark in the lives of people you meet, whether they be male or female... however, obviously more so with men.

I do a lot of writing as my creative outlet... it helps me keep in touch with who I am and what things in life are important to me. As well which people are important. Knowing you has become important to me and due to your very interesting and creative manner through your website writings, it has reinforced my thoughts of you.

Here is a poem I have written for you... because of you... as a result my thoughts of you will now be with me forever, as any time I read this poem, I will be able to reflect upon this beautiful young woman who has impacted me, even from a distance.
I know all of these feelings to be true...

In case you are interested my business in NY is due to expansion into the US which has already begun and looking extremely promising.

Part of what I wished to say is that I would like to assist you in whatever manner possible in making your "better world"... wouldn't this world be so much better if all were of your mindset... I would love to work with you in developing a business plan for your quiet retreat in the Caribbean. It sounds delightfully peaceful.
Leslie T.

A Special Place
There is a special place where love surely grows
Finding the peace you always wished to know
Embracing tranquillity… so soft and serene
Forgetting other places where you’ve been

Your mind will open to all life has to provide
Joyfulness will surround you and never hide
Feeling a gentle breeze against your brow
Whispering to cast away all your troubles… now!

Your eyes will see beauty captivating your heart
Dreams of life eternal will never ever part

Reaching out to feel its gentle touch
Caressing your soul… pleasure is so much
Your heart will no longer need repair
Love is the fragrance floating in the air

Feeling birth of your new life… so sublime
Finding freedom… no boundaries of time
This special place is meant for you and me
Sitting with dreams of all we wish to be
Opening our hearts, let love consume our souls
Walking hand in hand to our lifelong goals!

Dear Leslie,
How utterly moving…thank you for such a lovely tribute--and golly-we haven't even met in person yet!
You are very kind. I just hope your expectations of me are not disappointed by reality.
Can't wait to meet you…I will cherish the poem

Hi Geisha,
I am pleased that you enjoyed the poem. You already have given me so much joy with wonderful thoughts of you. I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever in my mind about what you will be like in person.

After reading your thoughts in your website and then hearing your voice in the brief chat we have had, my instincts will not deceive me. You have an overwhelming soft gentle manner to you filled with immense compassion and love, which erupts from your soul, as you speak. When God made you, he obviously did not spare any of the good stuff! You are a wonderful person!

Did you get my phone message about whether or not you might also be available on the Monday evening? I am having difficulty in sorting out my travel plans to NY. However, if Sunday the 29th is your only time then, so be it... there are simply some things in life a man can't live without... and for me, you are clearly that for me!

I know this may be silly of me, however I wanted to send you this particular poem I had written some time back. After reading of your plans for that special retreat for those who wish to get away from it all... this poem reminded me of that particular place you write about.

I promise to not flood you with any further poems at this time.
I hope your day goes well... full of sunshine, laughter and smiles.
Hugs to you.


My dearest Geisha,
I have been working very long hours these past few days and will continue through this week. I just took time to pause and reflect upon something that I knew would bring a smile to my face... I went to your website...

I can't even begin to consider how many men have fallen deeply in love with you over and over again... you truly are amazingly beautiful... I look into your eyes and I find myself getting lost in you... I honestly have never come across a woman who has such alluring eyes...
I can't believe any man could ever say no to you...

I know that I already am feeling nervous about seeing you but in a very good way... I will feel very humbled in your presence...
I hope all is well with you.
See you soon.
With huge adoration & devotion...


PS. I couldn't resist sending you another poem... it definitely is a reflection of you...

Angels of the Heart
Angels often come in an earthly form
Never to say that is the norm
They bring sunshine into our life
Freeing us from toil and strife

They are there to share our woes
Why just for us, nobody knows
We gaze upon their beauty, so sublime
Taking us away from all traces of time

In their presence we sense no fear
For we know they are always near
They place a smile upon our face
Worries are gone without a trace

God’s special angels sent from above
To fill hearts with a great love
They come to give birth to a life of joy
Like the innocence of a newborn girl or boy

Their grace and beauty does shine so bright
Like the stars so brilliant throughout the night
Giving hope and peace to those who dare to see
To simple folk… just like you and me

For you see, they are angels of the heart
Once we embrace they will never part
They are simply answers to our prayers
A special gift from God above, who truly cares

May they be granted a life of peace and serenity
Their special place in life will surely last an eternity
Blessings brought to them with tender care
Should be theirs as well… it is only fair!

Leslie T.

And so, I did not leave town for the Holiday weekend, as I was booked with Leslie for 8pm Sunday night.

I arrived at my apartment, as usual three hours in advance to make everything perfect.

8:00: Candles flickering, incense burning, air perfumed, music playing, I am waiting for the phone to ring.

8:05. Call into my workline again, just in case. No message from Leslie. Perhaps he is just running late.


8:36 Light a cigarette. Blow out the candles one by one. Turnoff the music. Brighten the lights.

For one brief black-hearted, vengeful moment, I lift the phone and consider calling the work number he's given me, to leave a very indiscreet message for the entirety of his co-workers to hear on Tuesday morning.

My eyes shift to the small photo of Audrey Hepburn balanced on a shelf in eye distance and instead, place the phone back on its receiver.

It is one day. It is one time. It is one appointment.

Before I write this Blog, I send him a quick email:


We had an appointment tonight at 8pm.


What more is there to say?


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