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Thursday, May 19, 2005

By the Way...

Remember that woman from the phone messages who scheduled an appointment with me for she and her boyfriend as a birthday gift to him?
(See 'Dull Routine' Blog below)
I set the time aside, turned away other appointments and she never called to cancel.

On the same day, the other client, also in the phone calls listed, booked a time earlier the same day.
I called him to confirm.
"Oh. I was just about to call you. Something came up. Have to go on the road."

No offer of a cancelation fee or any concern of the inconvienience he had caused.

I looked in my Blacklist file and hit my head against the wall many times as hard as I could to try and teach myself a lesson.
There he was in the file.
He calls once a year. All his references at work check out. And once a year he books with me and cancels at the last minute.

And what a puky thing to do.
(Also no offer of a cancelation fee for the problems he caused due to 'his emergency'.)

But how stupid am I not to look him up in my Blacklist.

Fortunately, at the last minute, I was able to re-book the time.

My therapist, similar to my situation, sees people and deals with the pain of last minute 'no-shows'.
Sadly and selfishly, hearing this made me feel a bit better as I no longer took it personally.

How do people not feel bad, or accountable for the wasting of the valuable Time of others?

This is something, despite eleven years of therapy, I have never come to understand.
I have come to let it go.
I have come to not take it personally.
I have come to release them like broken birds to their own recompense.
But still cannot seem to grasp it.

Do you think, in this Era of Parenting Government, we should make a Law punishing this Irresponsible Behavior?
I think I should suggest it to my Right-Wing, Conservative Government Representative.
It may give him an erection.


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