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Saturday, April 09, 2005

"It's the Good Girls Who Keep the Diaries..."

"...The Bad Girls Never Have The Time."
--Tallulah Bankhead

Why Business Has Been So Slow I've Become One of 'The Good Girls'...

For some reason that I can’t pin down, I tend to see a lot of couples.
The following is a Review a client of one of those couples wrote on my behalf.

I post it because I find it fascinating how entirely different members of the opposite sex perceive the same scenario.
I read it over several times and wondered if his wife, had she written about the evening, would have felt it in the same way.
Or would her experience be more similar to my own?

Dear Geisha,
I tried. I told you I would. I wrote this review months ago to that TER review site but they never printed it. I wrote them a few more times but no go. Are they biased?

Review of Geisha: December 19, 2004
I have seen Geisha on my own for several years but I consider myself one who doesn’t write reviews. But recently I had an unusual experience with her and felt it to be note-worthy. I brought in my wife!

For a while now, I enjoyed the special service that Geisha alone creates that to me is worth the two hour minimum she asks for. I get the usual at home or from other one-hour quickies so I go to Geisha for that extra something special she takes the time to make happen. We always talked about trying to get my wife involved but I couldn’t imagine it ever happening. (My wife has always been a bit ordinary in the sex arena.) Then one day, it did! She agreed to a three-some!

My wife was very nervous so I suggested we try a professional and together we went on the Internet and subtlely I led her to Geisha’s site. My wife liked her from the way she laid out the site and the things she said so the date was set.

Geisha talked me thru the entire evening on the phone and how she would handle things. We met for a drink in our room and Geisha spent a lot of time talking with my wife, flirting with her and slowly seducing her. Soon they were lip locked and I was rock hard watching these two gorgeous women making out.

My wife and I had a pre-planned signal that if she was uncomfortable she would let me know—but I never got that sign, so we proceeded. Before long, she had my wife laid out on the bed, massaging her with oil from her neck to her toes, especially between her legs until my wife began a moan that I know so well. I wanted to pop right then, but held off.

Then she turned her over and massaged her tits and torso down to her luscious pussy. My wife spread her legs even more and Geisha dove in. I sat starring, for what seemed like hours as she slowly drove my wife to a hard, loud, groaning climax that seeped down onto Geisha’s fingers. Geisha took her fingers and shoved them in my mouth, then took both of us and engaged us in a three-way kiss.

Geisha had warned me ahead of time not to touch her as if might cause jealousy on the first time around—that this first meeting was to please my wife entirely and if she liked it, future times, she assured me, my wife would trust more and allow for more interplay between all three of us. So instead, She turned my wife around to suck my dick while she started licking my wife’s now sopping pussy all over again. The next part was my wife’s idea!

Geisha made her feel so comfortable that she wanted to see me fuck Geisha so I turned her over on the hands and knees, yanking her tight round ass in the air and plunged in. My wife got under me and licked my balls and ass as I exploded into Geisha’s pussy.

After she left, my wife and I were both so turned on by this event, that we fucked a few more times late into the night. Now it is my wife who is asking for another adventure and even has some fantasies in mind.

I decided to write this review part in gratitude to Geisha. I really believe she helped open up our sex life again. I think her warmth toward other women and her genuineness put my wife at ease and lessened her fears. Geisha is also very health conscious without being obvious about it and this too aided in my wife’s comfortability factor. We plan to see her again in the near future and now Geisha better watch out because my wife is becoming a wild animal in bed.

What do you think?
I know we haven’t seen you in a while but the Boss (my wife) keeps askin me to call you. Unfortunately my work schedule is hectic until the 15th. I gave her your phone #. She’ll most likely call to set something up after the 15th.
So you know I am a man of my word, this was the review TER determined ‘unprintable’.
The Boss awaits ‘the tongue from Heaven’.
(Her words!)

Certainly, he has all the sexual happenings listed, but to my sense, these are just the events. If I had written an essay of the evening, it would have included all that occurred between those markers.
I’m sure he noticed those ‘in-between’ things or they wouldn’t keep coming to see me.
It just leaves me curious as to why we place import in such different arenas.

Dear (…)
Thank you for trying. And thank you for trusting me.
Tell ‘the Boss’ to give me a call.
I can’t wait to see the both of you again and see what terrible mischief we can create together.
You supply the Champagne and I’ll bring my imagination.
And most importantly,
My tongue.

I am very grateful that he tried to write me a review.
Over the past several years, most of my clients find me on Review Boards.
i.e. theeroticreview.com (The Erotic Review)
Thus, these sites have become integral to my business.

Lately, however, my business has suffered as the Review Board doesn’t seem to want to print reviews that come in for me.
(Also, there are ‘imposters’ writing false reviews, not only about themselves, but about me, trying to lower my rating.)


It’s become a dog-eat-dog world here in the Underground!

Or, better phrased:
A pussy-eating-pussy world?


At 8:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I had written an essay of the evening, it would have included all that occurred between those markers.

Why don't you? I'd like to read it

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