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True Tales of the Infamous Courtesan: Persephone N. Hades and her Horizontal Life underground. How she got there, her mis-adventures and her struggle to re-surface.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

He Puts It in a Nutshell and all it Cost me was...

He: I know what the problem is.
Me: There’s a problem?
He: With the Blog.
Me: Oh, with the Blog. What’s the problem?
He: Editors, Agents. Whatever—Book People---
Me: ‘Book People’?
He: Umm hmm. They don’t know who you are. And you can’t tell them.
Me: I’m trying.
He: It sounds self-agrandizing from a first person POV.
Me: Probably.
He: Know what you should do? You should have some of your clients write anonymously to a P.O. box and tell of their experiences with you.
Me: They’d never do it.
He: Then there would be both points of view.
Me: They’d never do it.
He: How do you know?
Me: I just know. Would you?
He: What?
Me: Write about us?
He: Maybe not ‘about us’, but I bet I could write a pretty clear intro about you and who you are.
Me: Huh. Ok.
He: You want me to?
Me: Why not? Even if I don’t use it, I’d be dying to hear it.
He: Ok.
Me: Ok.
He: Ok. But it’s gonna cost ya!
Me: But of course it is! What do I owe ya?
He: You know what I like. (Wink Wink)

By: Anonymous ‘He’.

She’s the top-rated Courtesan in New York and the East Coast – and #1 in America.

(Yes, there is an underground Universe that rates and votes on these things! Clients have written online hundreds of glowing reviews of her services and she has her own website.)

But she’s no ordinary "working girl": She’s a graduate of the famous and elite XXXXX School of Acting, and has performed in Regional Theatres across America doing Shakespeare, Tennessee Williams and other brilliant playwrights.

She’s articulate and well read.

She’s a modern day Robin Hood, having started her own charity organization to help ease the loneliness of the homebound elderly and disabled, housing displaced Haitians in the Caribbean, and building a community for personal transformation, giving from her ‘horizontal’ business to her ‘vertical’ business.

Above all else, she’s guileless. She is deeply dismayed every time she is confronted with a personal or political system that is still trapped in the limiting paradigm of what the world assumes and accuses her of being due to her Profession. She has little or no ‘poor me’ stories or "I’m in this as a victim’ thoughts. She is not cynical, numb or bitter. Rather she is alive, vibrant and almost ethereal. She believes she is providing love and comfort--sometimes where there is no other available source: (to the lonely, disfigured and disabled), humor and joy and romance to those whose lives lack it, and a transporting and artistic sensual and sexual experience that dances on the hem of spirituality.

She gets paid not for sex, but for her artistry in empathetic listening, (an essential life skill, she believes too many never bother to learn), her talent in the sensual arts, her compassion and emotional honesty and she gets paid to leave—to be a bit disposable.

She would tell you that she feels outraged when she feels forced underground or persecuted by the system because she knows she may well be the kindest, gentlest encounter some people have had in weeks.

She believes, like Veronica Franco (famous 1500’s Italian Courtesan) that she was an ugly duckling compared to the young and beautiful girls that work in her profession, but that she came to where she is now because of the integrity and true interest she had with her clients.

She is a leader in transforming the Oldest Profession into something beautiful, rich, and emotionally fulfilling. Most people think of love as an emotion—something that just happens to you and is too sacred to be ‘exploited’ for money. She believes Love is a Verb—an action word—something that can be created where previously there was nothing. It is a skill that can be practiced technically and as those skills become second nature, like any great artist, if the skill is accompanied by true feeling, it becomes transporting and powerful. – It’s not degrading, it’s empowering – it’s an incredible job, and often she feels grateful that she stumbled into it.

However she suffers heaps of degradation from the world surrounding her, like Persephone in Hades, she is forced to live two separate lives.

There are many dangers: the political situation, moral prejudice, misogynistic men, simplistic police, bitter women and small minded institutions necessary to live an unobstructed life. Unfortunately, she was quick to learn, by being who she was in the open, no good deed of hers would go unpunished. Many of her closest friends – and her parents – don’t know what she does; don’t know that she’s been convicted of prostitution, it’s on her record. They don’t know that men have tried to kill her, don’t know about the other dark parts of this business.

And she’s ready, at last, to tell her story. She’s developing a one-woman show about it, and working on a book proposal. She wants the story to be like the past eleven years of her life: light, funny, emotionally fulfilling – and emotionally draining, painful, grim. It’s Memoirs of a Geisha meets Dangerous Beauty meets Breakfast at Tiffany’s: welcome to her universe.

Not bad.
And all it cost me was ‘the usual’.

Which apparently isn’t so usual!


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