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Monday, March 07, 2005

Kinsey Report--The Movie

Just saw the movie starring my classmate from the RFDS.
She’s amazing, astonishing as she always is and always was.
Deservedly nominated for her Oscar.

Went with a dear male friend.
Shared our thoughts, as friends do.

My friend was disturbed by the scenes of homosexuality.
And the words of those who had molested children.

I too, was uncomfortable with the thought of anyone, especially innocents, being forced into a sexuality they are not ready for and do not want.

I didn’t feel the same angst about the diverse sexual preferences shown and talked about in the movie.
My business, although I love it, is not an easy one and I hear stories and play out fantasies all the time, sometimes on a daily basis, so perhaps I’ve developed a thick skin in regards to these things.

Albeit haunted by bad wigs, I thought the movie was incredibly interesting.
And moving.
But my tears were for the sadness people then lived through based on nothing more than imposed social morals restricting the love and exploration of sexuality.

I also wept for myself.
I understand too well, what it’s like to live in a society where certain forms of sexual expression are not only frowned about but also placed under the jurisdiction of a Parenting Government.
In fact, defined and enforced as Criminal Acts.

Again, that familiar Rage blazed within me, toward a Society in which we still live that has not taken many strides since then.
At least not from my vantage point.

Do we learn nothing?

When will we be brave enough to face our sexuality and the sexuality of others without judgement and punishment?

When I got home, my friend asked if I would ‘blog’ tonight.
I replied that I wasn’t sure what to write about.
‘Write about the movie.’ He suggested.
‘It left me speechless,’ I reply.

The last interview in the film is of a woman, played by Lynn Redgrave.
She spoke of her shame in meeting and loving, late in her life and much to her surprise, Another woman.
Because she can speak to no one of her feelings, she takes to drinking to suppress what cannot be revealed.
She loses her family, her husband, her children.
She is forced underground, alone in her Society imposed shame.

This, I feel to my core.

I too, for a while, turned to drinking and drugs—not so much to get me through the day, but to numb the feelings of aloneness and shame I felt living in a world that not only deplored me morally, but was and is dangerous to me legally.

Kinsey replies that unfortunately not much has changed.
You are wrong, she tells him. Things have gotten much better.
It was Kinsey’s work, his studies, his writings, that made the difference in her life.
Because of his work, she eventually was able to live within who she was without shame.
Above ground, in the Real World.

And so, although I will never be Kinsey, nor have the impact that he was able to create, I sit alone at my computer, hoping someday, even if it happens when I am gone, that my words, and the words of other’s in my business, may indeed someday be the seeds planted to create a shift in the paradigm of thought that revolves around women’s sexuality.
Sexuality in general.
From where I sit, here, Underground, we still have a ways to go.
And so I blog on.


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