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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Going Away From March 20-29th

I have a client.
He's widower.
Married his wife when he was a virgin.
Faithful to her throughout the extensive marriage.
on his finger, he still wears his wedding band.
A few years after her death, he came to me.
She and I are his only two sexual forays.
Between us there is a forty year age difference.
Yet, we have so much in common, never lacking conversation or desire.

After his retirement and his wife's passing, he decided to travel and follow his Passion.
He is an avid bird-watcher.
His journeys amaze me.
At 73, he hikes, camps, goes to lands I have never even heard of.
in search of sighting that rare gorgeous winged species.
They live in tents and pee outdoors.
Very rugged.
Not at all what I could or would have the gumtion to do anymore.
And he's 73.

We meet approximately twice a month.
I tease him, unceasingly mentioning that it's a shame he ventures alone on these adventures.
Why you shouldn't have a pretty lady by your side with whom to enjoy the journey?
You go alone?
You know what that makes you?
A Master-Birder. (Ha! Ha!) (Of course a play of Master-Bater) (Ha ha!)
It's a weak but somewhat clever joke.
We laugh.

One day, about a month ago, he calls and says,
"I'm 73. What am I waiting for?"

He arranges a trip for us to a lovely Caribbean Resort.
We have never spent more than a few hours together each time we meet.
I see him just the other night.
We talk in anticipation of our upcoming trip.

He's bit nervous.
"You know Geisha", he says, starring at his hands, "ummm, I might..."
"What love?"
"I might---(deep breath)--I might, SNORE." (heavy sigh, still pressing his fingers together, eyes diverted.)
"Hmmm. Well that's okay love. Know what? I might FART."

So, with those Human foibles accepted as possibilities, we are set for our journey.

We leave March 20th and arrive back March 29th.
I'm sure the trip will be lovely.
We will do some 'birding', nice restaurants, beaches, pools, read books, play Scrabble, talk, make love...(No more Masterbirding for him--at least not on this outing!), and probably
SNORE and FART together,
which, in my warped sense of things,
will only bring us closer.

I'm very excited.

That being said, if you remember from before, I am a Technology Moron, so most likely I will be out of touch with my Blog until I return.

I wanted to let you know so you didn't think I abandoned the Blog.
And also thank you for reading and giving me your feedback.
It means so much.



At 12:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Don't tell me NOT to FART the next time we get together. I don't recall you farting in my presence before but I know you do. I'm only following your lead...

Roger Rabbit

At 1:38 PM, Blogger TheatreGroupNYC said...

You are a lost thought, a forgotten time, a memory of a small love? You are a very hypnotic dream (a nice one) to me. Am I wrong to say this to you?

It’s embarrassing to me, but you are very powerful to me, your image, your words, and the elegance of your character. Is all quite breath taking? In all reality, you should change your name to simply beautiful. Not sure if we are match, but I simply wanted to say hello. They say friends start as friends… (Your thoughts)

Keep that priceless mind of yours well cared for; you are a rare and wonderful unique soul.


At 2:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am right down the block at StarBucks... Doing what I told you I would be doing....

You are my Muse.

With Jane Ho headed to Off Broadway yours should be right around the corner.

23 days is all we will need...

At StarBucks on the corner

(look west)


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