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Sunday, January 16, 2005

The Dark Side of the Moon

In answer to some of the comments on the Jeopardy post...thank you for writing.

I agree that my business needs to be regualted.

I don't believe, for many reasons, that it should be a criminal offense.

Normally, as you probably can tell, I enjoy the life I've built within my business, but the underlying truth still exists: no matter how much I love it and romantisize it, because it is illegal, it forces me to live underground and that causes great stress at times.

It also makes what I do that much more dangerous.

It's not so much fun to hear about, I suppose.

Just as it's not so pleasant to for me to live with sometimes.

But it is a Reality of the life I live, and therefore I feel the need to include it in this blog.

So anyway, I will step back off the soap box, but I wanted to leave those of you with an interest, with a link to check out:


Let me know what you think.

Thanks for indulging me not only in the comedic side of this world, but for allowing me an occasional walk on the dark side.

If we can discuss it, we can solve it.


At 6:24 PM, Blogger Ninja said...

The liberator link you referenced reminds me a little of some of the challenges and fears that Martin Luther King faced in a different way.

Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Day! May be for those who live underground and for those who share your concerns and support your cause, we can declare it Persephone N. Hades Day. Have a good day...

At 8:06 AM, Blogger Zen Master said...

You recommended in an earlier posting to see the movie "Sideways". Just saw it before they announced it won the Golden Globe award for Best Picture. Great call (others also agreed). I was laughing so hard I was in stitches (including my Johnson).

Thought you would have been perfect to play "Miya". The bone structure of Miya's face reminded me a little of you. You have a better body and would have been a lot sexier too. You would, however, had to learn how not to fart if you drank all that white wine.

If you were a grape in the movie, you wouldn't have been a pinot but a cabernet -- tough, resilient, could grow under tough conditions. However, I'm sure you could act like an excellent pinot if needed. But you are NO MERLOT -- you are not a fake!

So what did you think about the line "I'm an actor, all I have is my instinct"?

So, do you feel that all men are dogs? Never trust an actor playing a dog!

Miles was a horrible golfer. There was a WSJ article that talked about a survey that asked men which they would prefer? Sinking a 50 ft putt or having sex with their wives? Need I say what won?

At 1:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you tell me the answer is 'golf' I will just lay down and cry!


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