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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Today, His Review. Tomorrow, Mine.

(Many thanks, to Anonymous, for lending such a thoughtful, provocative and philosophical response to the ‘Comments’. It was interesting to muse over what was said. I suppose I am not much a philosopher about all this as I ‘am in the basement with the clothes doing laundry all day’, so I tend to speak of it from a soggy-wet, puckered-hands POV!)

Yesterday, I wrote about a conversation a client and I had regarding the difficulty capturing a transcendent sexual experience in words.

Today, he emailed me a review he wrote encompassing our experience. (I will warn you that the ‘code’ language I mentioned in an earlier piece is very present in this review. And as I also mentioned, ‘it’s all Greek to me!’ so unfortunately, I must leave you to struggle with it on your own without an interpreter.)

Hi Persephone! (I told him my real name.)

The following is my review of you:

"Finally thought I would see the legendary Geisha. I could only describe my encounter as one of a kind and if you reviewers have reviewed others that I too have seen in the past, you’ll know, I have been fortunate to have seen some who have been considered the best in the business. You won't, however, appreciate Geisha unless you can enjoy an Ivy-League educated, bubbly, highly energized woman. I don't believe she is for every one but if she is right for you, you will be blown away..."

"Geisha looks better than her pictures. She is a blond for now but is naturally a redhead. I found her quite attractive."

"She is not some one that you can jump as soon as you see her. She likes to chat and then starts warming up until she's Red Hot! I will say that if you chat for about 30 min, you can start to make your move. She is very intelligent and well traveled."

"No LFK, went straight into DFK. She is a great kisser with those lips!"

"Her apartment is a combination of eclectic and sensual -- 20+ lit candles and small lights and a huge mirror by her raised bed. We went into her bedroom where she removed my shirt, and got me excited using her mouth and hands. Later she removed by pants and gave me a BBBJ with incredible eye contact and technique. She is one sensual woman!"

"Later I got into bed where she continued to give me a BBBJ and played with other parts of my body while she was standing next to the bed. My cock turned into a piece of steel. She took her clothes off and rubbed her pussy and ass against my cock and got so excited that her juices were dripping all over me -- I couldn't believe how seductive and sensual she looked. Don't know how she did it but I stayed hard for what felt like almost an hour! We finally finished in mish after she massaged my cock with her breasts where we both came at the same time. She was even shaking -- can't fake that! I can't remember being so satisfied after coming once-- really didn't care if I came again."

"After all this she gave me a great deep tissue back massage. Took a shower and then left. Not a clock-watcher. Paid for 2 hrs and stayed for 2.5 hrs. Will definitely see again but how can she top an absolutely incredible time? Will let you know."

His email ends to me:

See you next year! Send me some pictures. Write when you can!

All the best,

Tomorrow, just to see if I can live up to the challenge, I will attempt my own version of the same encounter.


At 8:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This weblog is going far beyond what I thought was possible in emotional intensity. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your openness & honesty in your responses to my feeble attempts at participation in this ongoing saga. I warned you once about my ability to be a pain-in-the-ass, it has never been my intention to post to everything you write, but I feel as if we are having a personal conversation and at this point it would be rude not to. I also recognise the presumptive arrogance of that last statement and I do apologize for that! Needless to say I am quite smitten by you and in a perfect world I would seek you out, but alas, this is the world as it is, as not as we would desire.
I view your posts as an act of lovemaking towards your audience and my comments are an inadequate attempt on my part to return the favor and participate as an active partner (again that presumption!)
Just two quick comments on specifics and then I must depart
He mentioned "eye contact". It has always been important to me to maintain eye contact with a lover as it is a way for our souls to mingle as well as our bodies. It's important that she "be there" with me emotionally as well as physically.
You told him your true name. This is an incredible act of intimacy and trust. I often fantasize that someday I will be allowed the same intimacy, and find I am quite envious of him. In closing, let me badly mangle a popular and well known poem.

"Words are writ by fools
like me
But only a Goddess
can make love
like thee."

all my hopes and love to you


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