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Friday, December 10, 2004

Not All Americans are Idiots

Thank you to ‘Anonymous British Fan’ for your email and inspiration. More appreciated than you know.

You might not believe me, but just hear me out. Not all Americans are idiots. Just a little less than half.

Breathe. Take it in. Try to go with me on this one.

I know to you folks (‘folks’ = American term) in the EU, it seems I am stating an oxymoron, but keep in mind, most of us, especially those that live in cosmopolitan cities such as New York, L.A., Chicago, San Francisco, voted the other way. And there’s ALOT of us.

(I mean who actually lives in South Dakota?)

The Americans you see wandering your countries, wearing plaid pants and flowered shirts, bellies overhanging and voices too loud, are the Americans you notice because they stick out. But they would stick out anywhere. They stick out here. There are lots of Americans that visit, you never notice cause they are just like you—different accent maybe, but they blend in.

Most of us are well aware that this is supposed to be a country governed: ‘for the people, by the people.’ And most of us are well aware that this is far from the way things actually are, and feel helpless under the regime. But we can’t escape because Europe is far harder to get into and stay in, making a home and a life, than America is. Emigration is not an easy solution. So what do we do? We make the best of it. When it comes to moral and consensual issues that the government feels the right to legistrate and adjudicate, we live Underground and pray we don’t get caught.

Today on the News, a large escort service was busted. 'American Beauties.' The Madam lived in one of the Trump buildings in a million-dollar apartment. She ran her business out of an Upper East Side apartment in a very posh, quiet residential area. Her business was so unobtrusive that she was able to remain in that location for many years and no one seemed to be aware anything ‘untoward’ was occurring there.

The really funny and telling thing about the arrests came out when the newscasters were interviewing residents of those buildings to get their reaction. Of course, the reporters, in their tone, were casting an evil spin on the questions they posed.

(Taken verbatim from the Newscast)

Reporter speaking to the camera: Tonight, the NYPD finally cracked a high-priced escort ring that apparently had been terrorizing this quiet residential neighborhood on the Upper East Side of Manhattan for several years. The Madam, one XXXXXXX, is now in custody along with several other girls and 'Johns' caught in the apartment when the police arrived. Miss XXXXXXX, is being indited tonight at the courthouse and if found guilty, could face up to 25 years in prison.

Reporter to Matronly Lady exiting Madam’s Residential Building: Did you realize a Madam (said with a long slur on the ‘m’s’) was living in your building?

Matronly Lady: Well no.

Reporter: Apparently she was grossing more than a million dollars a year. Any comments?

Matronly Lady: (laughing) Apparently, I must be in the wrong business!

Reporter to Lingerie Storeowner with a shop next door: Did you realize there was a high-priced brothel right here?

Lingerie StoreOwner: No, actually. I saw lots of pretty girls. They gave me good business.

Reporter to Older Gentleman Neighbor: Were you aware there was a high-class escort service operating right out of your building?

Older Gentleman: (said with a tone of disappointment) Huh. They didn’t advertise very well. I never heard or saw them.

Reporter: Are you relieved they have been removed from the premises?

Older Gentleman: I never knew they were there. Wish I had. That would have been convenient! (He laughs)

Reporter, stopping a woman on the street: What do you think about a brothel being run for years in this quiet neighborhood?

Woman: (smiling and laughing): That's New York for you!

Reporter talking to a woman who lives in the building the brothel was located in: Are you happy the police finally removed the offending business?

Woman: Well, truthfully? I saw a lot of people coming and going but they never bothered me. Is it still illegal?

Reporter: So it doesn’t bother you?

Woman: They never hurt me. I suppose it took a lot of tax dollars. That’s the part that hurts me.

I imagine they interviewed a lot of people and wanted to get the most inflammatory response and if this is the best they can get??

This is the real consciousness of Americans, at least the ones who live on the ‘hemlines’ of the Country.

‘Nough said.


At 5:38 PM, Blogger ali said...

wow, this is probably the most interesting blog i've ever read. can't precisely remember how i found it, but am glad i did.

not to be, like, dilletantish. or any such thing. but oh chuis bien impressionée! your enlightenment astounds me. it's like, you save sex from the paradoxical monotonies of predictable monogamy and forgettable promiscuity. because really, what's monogamy but an evolutionary throwback.

and wit! ha, ha... "is it still illegal?" je l'aime! also, i am shocked there are not more comments. and compelled to polemicize.

so, oui. you do good work. i don't even know if this post made sense. but rest assured that it was intended in a complimentary fashion.

sometimes, complimentary intentions can breed the worst insults, though, can't they.

so... peace. or something.

At 1:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I adored your comment and I thank you from the marrow of my bones for taking the time to not only take it in but to take it in the spirit in which it is intended. I'm so glad you found me! Thank you Ali. You made my day, perhaps my week!


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