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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Giving to Charity

Get alot of calls on my work line. Once in a while, get a call that tugs at my heart-strings. This call was received last night.

Warm, guileless male voice:

Hi Geisha. My name is Christopher. I'm 27 years old. I live in Upstate NY. I am married and I've only been with one woman my whole life which is my wife. Sounds really sweet I know, but we probably shouldn't have even gotten married. Our marriage is just very mundane and very boring and barely sexual at all. And I've wanted to---(pause) I don't know what I want. But I think I should do something crazy like this. Like meeting someone like yourself might give me the strength to see there is some excitement in the world out there. To get out anyway. You're gonna think I'm crazy for even mentioning this but (pause) I'm a schoolteacher and my wife just works at Walmart and I have no money. We live from paycheck to paycheck...ummm...I don't have any money...for anything...like this. And I understand that you're in--you know. That this is your job. You're working for a living and I would never expect you to give any sort of free service but, what I am asking for is to meet you tomorrow at your home at a time that is convienient for you and kinda just hang out and uh...Understanding my situation, if you feel you would like to do something, that's great. I would be forever grateful. And if not, at least it would be cool to meet someone like yourself and you know, get to hang out. I'm really not trying to be rude. I know this is a very big question to ask you. No need to get back to me unless for some reason you're willing. If so please call me at: XXX-XXX-XXXX. That's my cell phone. It's the weekend so I can't give you my office number. I obviously can't give you my home phone because of discretion. So ummm....please do call. Maybe you'll find it within yourself to help out somebody like myself. I really am a nice guy. Just--uh...not making enough money in life right now. If I don't hear form you, take care. You're a very beautiful lady. (Long exhale. Click.)

Actually waffled as to what to do.

What would you have done?


At 5:07 PM, Blogger Mellow Blue said...

Dearest P.

Call me a cynic (you'd be entitled) but has it not entered your mind that here's a guy not only trying to get something for nothing but wants bragging rights that he put something over on, and got a freebie from, the greatest courtesan in the land.

There are unfortunately lots such guys, more so I think than will call on the phone and rather pathetically ask to just hang out with a beautiful woman by saying how poor and lonely they are.

I'll never forget years ago in Las Vegas observing some guy trying to put his moves on a working girl who was obviously suffering from a broken date. I felt so sad for the woman. This guy smells the same.

You told me once that you were robbed at gun point in LA. There are people that rob with a gun and there are people that rob with their words. Your heart's been broken too much, maybe because you are too trusting a soul, spare yourself this one.

The client you discussed in another blog on this hit it on the head. If he were legit there are lots of other ways for him to break out of his boredom and get a life.

In part your great beauty is due to your sustaining innocence (I know that's paradoxical but it's true). But at a certain point you have to be kind to yourself.



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