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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

About your Business...About your Blog...

He: It’s not about sex, is it?

Me: Oh Yes. It’s definitely about sex.

He: I think it’s more about the weirdoes you meet.

Me: No it’s not. I don’t meet weirdoes.

He: Okay, then, about the weird things that happen.

Me: Well okay. I can see how it would seem that way from the outside looking in. But they’re not weird. They’re just out-of-the-ordinary adventures.

He: The Hassid with the roach in his beard? Not just out-of-the-ordinary. No. Weird guy. Weird thing happening.

Me: Not true, but good example. It’s all about connection. Figure it this way: There’s ALOT of people in the world. And in my business, I might meet, say, 300 new people every year.

He: 300?! No wonder you can’t remember where you are or what you’re doing half the time.

Me: Well thank you my love.

He: See, and I just thought it was old age syndrome.

Me: Again, thank you my love.

He: Kiss me.

Me: After that. No way.

He: Did I tell you, you look beautiful tonight?

Me: Too late Mister.

He: I’ll wait. You’ll forgive me.

Me: We’ll see.

He: So how do you connect to 300 people?

Me: You’re right. Odds are, I might not have an immediate commonality with most of them, nor they with me, right? I mean, look at my dating life. So, rather than having sex just be sex, I look for the place we connect and that connection, by itself, creates the alchemy needed to make the sex more.

He: So what’s ‘the connection’ to the Hassid?

Me: The roach.

He: The roach. ?

Me: Think of it this way. Remember that game: Connect the Dots? Say I’m made of hundreds of thousands of dots that make up me. And say a stranger is made up of his own hundreds of thousands of dots. All I need is to find one, and bang, a connection is formed. Granted not a life-long connection, but one strong enough to keep us bonded for the time we are together. We share something. We’re not just two separate beings getting what we need separately.

He: I’m stuck on the roach.

Me: Okay. What do I have immediately in common with a middle-aged Hassidic, devoutly religious, man and father who eats lots of onions and doesn’t pay much attention to hygiene? On the surface, not much. But once the roach got involved, we became a team--Us against the Creepy-Crawler. Forget that. I’ll give you an example you can relate to. Golf.

He: Golf, I know.

Me: Golf. What do you have in common with the people you work with in your business—your co-workers, your clients--other than your business? Who knows. But if you golf with them, you have that in common. Me and the Hassid had the roach in common and that made the sex better.

He: What about the Urologist?

Me: I still can’t figure out how he slipped through my net.

He: I won’t take Dentists as clients.

Me: No! Me neither! What happens to them in Med. school?

He: Something.

Me: I have to admit the Urologist and I were flailing until he agreed to pee standing on his head and then it was like a fiesta in here. It was fun. It was funny. No one ever agreed to pee standing on their head before. It was outrageously ridiculous.

He: I still can’t figure out how he could pee with an erection.

Me: I don’t know. Maybe he practiced in Urology training camp. But it was hilarious. Practically knocked over everything in the bathroom trying to stand on his head. After that, the sex was connected. He was disappointed after, not because of the sex but because I wouldn’t ‘accept a drink’ from him.

He: Am I the most normal guy you see?

Me: You are more normal, true. I see a lot of ‘normal’ guys. They’re just harder to write about because the connection is subtler, more difficult to put into words and I’m a novice at this.

He: Am I going to show up in your blog?

Me: I guess you’ll just have to keep reading and see.


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Persephone - this blog is getting better and better. More!

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