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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Night Blues

He: Did you vote?

Me: I stood in a line that went around the block and took an hour and forty five minutes. I voted. But we live in New York and we have, what, for all these people? One electoral vote? And ugh, I hate that feeling in my stomach right now. I am going to hate to wake up tommorrow and find out the Red-Sox lost.

He: You know what I hate?

Me: What?

He: I travel alot you know? I hate that the rest of the world doesn't know how we really feel. They don't know that we could all vote and still lose.

Me: Abolish the electoral college system?

He: I gotta take a shower.

Me: So where were you today?

He: You mean when I'm here?

Me: Un-hmm. Golfing?

He: Voting. I think I had an hour and forty five minute line too. (he winks)

(Noticing the extra condoms on the nightstand as he gets up.)

He: Two condoms? Were you thinking...did you think...were you hoping--

Me: I was planning on putting one up your bum. (I wink)

He: Ah ha.

(Noticing tongs, also by the bed but for no particular reason other than I forgot to put them in the kitchen.)

He: What're these for?

Me: That's to pull it out with.

After his shower:

Me: I love seeing you. I'm going to miss you.

He: I bet you say that to all the guys.

Me: I wish I could. God! Could you imagine how amazing my life would be if I could say that to everyone?

He: C'mon.

Me: Don't you have clients you like more than others?

He: Sure.

Me: It's one thing not to like a client when you are clothed and behind a desk. It's quite another when you are naked and horizontal.

He: I will never look at my job in the same light again.


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