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Thursday, October 28, 2004

For the love of the sport

When he came in he said:"Your two hour minimum is killing on my schedule."

I said: "What did you say to get away?"

"I told them I was going to the Golf store to buy myself a birthday present."

"Does anyone actually play Golf?"

"Of course!"

"But what would you say the percentage of the times Golf is actually played versus the times one says they are going out to play Golf?"

He smiles sheepishly and finally answers me:"50%?"


"Now I feel guilty. We better play some Golf here today or my lie will kill me."

Two hours later we walk to the door. I straighten his up-turned collar, careful to leave distance between us so my perfume doesn't drift to his clothes.

Me: "Still feel guilty?"

He: "How do I look?"

Me: "You look like you had a good day at the Golf store."

He: "I did."

Me: "You look like you hit a few balls around."

He: "And so I did."

Me: "There you have it. Polygraph-proof."


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